XPATH Tutorial Home

Welcome to the XPATH tutorial home. From here you will be able to access all tutorials & learning material, examples, resources, tools and references related to XPATH expressions, XPATH functions and their individual use. At the end of this tutorial you should:

  • Understand what XPATH is
  • Specify XPATH expressions
  • Perform basic calculations and selections using XPATH
  • Use XPATH in simple programming tasks related to XML interrogation and manipulation

XPATH Prerequisites

  • Understand XML. Refer to the XML Tutorial for a crash course or quick review.

Latest Additions

  • Wildcards - XPATH allows the use of wildcards to write more robust path expressions where the use of specific path expressions is either impossible or undesirable.
  • Path Expressions - XPATH path expressions are used to refer to specific nodes or values in an XML document.
  • How to read an XML attribute value - There are a number of methods to read an XML attribute value. We present two common methods here: Locate and read an element value using the XML DOM; or Locate and read an element using XPATH expressions.