XML Tutorial Home

Welcome to the XML tutorial home. From here you will be able to access all tutorials & learning material, examples, resources, tools and references related to XML documents and the XML language. At the end of this tutorial you should:

  • Understand what XML is
  • Understand the XML language syntax and semantic rules
  • Specify your own XML-based language derivative
  • Perform simple programming tasks related to XML
  • Understand the significance of XML to data interchange (publication and integration)

Latest Additions

  • How to remove invalid characters from XML - The XML specification supports a very specific character set. Characters that fall outside of the specified ranges result in a parser error whenever the XML string is parsed.
  • How to use the correct XML character encoding - The XML specification allows for the use of various encodings. UTF-8 or UTF-16 are typically expected; however, it is recognised that other encodings exist in the world: Correctly encoding XML allows for portable applications.
  • Well Formed XML Documents - An XML document is "well formed" if it meets a number of critieria. This post covers those criteria in detail with examples.